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I take pleasure in consistently creating art work that exceeds
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Nothing affects an environment as dramatically as light passing through stained, or leaded glass.  This medium creates a vibrant artistic statement unique among the arts.

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My name is Bruce Hippel, I made my first stained glass window about thirty years ago, after years of drawing & painting. 

I recognized its power and set about learning this medium.  Since then, I've created hundreds of stained glass and leaded glass windows, panels, and other applications for churches, residential, and public buildings. (see ceiling dome under the residential tab).

Most of these projects have been site-specific architectural applications, that is, built to fit a given setting or window opening.  I've successfully worked with many individuals, churches, architects and designers.

I design stained and leaded glass windows to fulfill the vision of my clients, using both traditional and/or innovative methods. My designs range from the abstract to realistic, and I'm very comfortable with both.  In fact, some of my favorite creations incorporate both.

The best way to begin is with a consultation (preferably with general information about your project supplied in the project area on the contact page).  I can then begin to envision a design solution for your particular application of my work.  After our consultation, I'll supply a sketch (and glass samples if necessary). There will be a non-refundable design fee. After the design is agreed upon, we'll work up a payment schedule and a targeted completion date.

For Information please contact Bruce at:    609-408-2091 or  email 

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